Friday, June 28, 2013

I Missed You Mojo!

I am elated to have finally found my sewing mojo again.  Unfortunately, due to some sad situations in my life, I lost it for maybe two years.  Though not gone, some of the difficulties have gotten better.  Thankfully, I feel the joy I once did when I hear the purr of my machine (Bernadette.)  Look what she and the machine I bought for my nieces to use at my parent's lake house (Monty) helped me create!
Five Wristlet Purses
 I am keeping two and using the rest for gifts.  I got the pattern during a quilting shop-hop.  The one on the bottom came in a kit.  You can find it here.  I liked it, but I thought I might like a little more room and added an inch to the depth.  I love to use wristlets when bargain hunting and sight-seeing.  Warning: they are easy to lose if not kept on your wrist!  I lost one once in Taco Bell when I set it down to put a lid on my drink.  Fortunately, I didn't have much in it.  The worst part was that it was the best DL picture I have ever taken.

 This is my favorite one.  I love this fabric!  It is missing a strap because I am still unpacking.  I three two packs of clips at JoAnn's for only 50 cents.  The D rings actually cost more than the clips.

My daughter loves hers too.  She chose the fat quarter two years ago, so this was unexpected but perfectly her.  In my hurry to finish before she got home, I sewed the lining in upside down.  The inside lining has great pockets for gift cards, credit cards, or your license.

I made the first two while visiting my parents, then came home and made three more today.  They are nice and quick if you don't put the lining in upside down.  I might have been even faster if I didn't have to maneuver around my protector.  It was raining, and he likes to sit with me during the thunder and lightning.
Isn't that the sweetest face.
It is fun to choose the fabrics.  I used fat quarters from the quilt stores I visited during the shop hop.

Lastly, this is the end of the season for my dogwood tree.  Thought I would share what makes me smile.  It was incredibly full this year.