Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Projects

Thanksgiving day was a bit lonely, yet provided some quiet sewing time.  I wasn't feeling well enough to make anything too involved, so I played with my new serger.  The 3 thread rolled hem is beautiful and finished my latest purchase perfectly.
I love wearing scarves, and this fabric gives me the boost of color I need.  I am so fair skinned, when I read to my daughter as a toddler, she would say "Mama" if she saw a picture of Snow White.  Winter and summer alike, I need color.
I went on to copy an idea I found here on Pinterest.   I recently purchased a new car!  It has a unique color scheme.  The exterior is black and the inside is a beautiful tan color called Cashmere and a brown color called Expresso. 

I love the three colors combined and wear it often in my apparel.  Wanting to keep the interior clean and like new, I made this great trash bag.
I think the next one will be shorter and I will hang it on the gear-shift.  I also want to line the very thick interface that I used inside to hold the shape.  I used an inexpensive storage bag from the dollar store to line it.  The bags come with twist-ties rather than zip to lock.  It is folded over the top of the interface which shows through with the zigzag stitching I used to seam it.  The bag is cute, but the interface bugs me.  My "OCD" will make me line it sooner or later.

I used buttons to attach the strap making it easy to attach anywhere in the car. I just love the two, cotton prints intended for quilting that I found at JoAnn's.

The entire thing was made with a 4 thread serging stitch with the exception of stiching in the ditch and the zigzag to create an overlap seam on the interface.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all a very happy Thanksgiving!  I am not sure whether a day at home alone on a holiday would normally be looked at as a blessing, but it sure helps one to recognize what is important--those people for which we are thankful.  I was not feeling well enough to enjoy the festivities (nothing serious), and I did not want to bring down the mood of everyone else.  I am so grateful for the family I am missing.  I guess I should look at this as an opportunity.  After sleeping a bit, I may now feel well enough and have a few hours to begin a new project.  We can always find blessings about us.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still here just gleaning from all of you

I need to thank those of you who commented and supported me when I was going through a very difficult time.  You are all so wonderful.  I have kept up with your blogs and love the way this online community cares for one another across the miles. I am ready to blog again and hope to hear from you often. 
Thankfully, I finished my sloper class at Haberman Fabrics taught by a very wise woman.  I have decided to forgo the next class until the summer.  I haven't had time to create anything since school started and it is stressing me out.  The sloper will wait, but my new coverstitch machine is calling me!  I am so excited to experiment with some knits on this amazing machine.  I attended The American Sewing Expo with absolutely no intention of buying anything, but I sort of lost my mind.  My 1986? serger stopped working the day before the expo.  I thought I might just investigate prices a little.  Then I walked into a booth with a Babylock Evolution.  I asked some questions, and the very savvy saleswoman invited me to thread the machine.  I simply put half an inch of thread into a small hole and pressed a button.  Whoosh! It was threaded!!! The machine used an air injection system that makes threading as much fun as sewing.  Well at least until I have done it a bit.  I was immediately buying this machine.  I risked divorce, but I didn't care.  Let me tell you, I think it is worth it.  Luckily, my husband was also fascinated by the inginuity of the threading system and forgave my impulsivity.
I am looking forward to posting my first creation.  I have been practicing every stitch and setting I can.  I think I am ready to make something now that the sloper class is over.