Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wrapping Up Loose Ends

     This summer has been productive yet a bit overwhelming.  I have decided to become very self-disciplined about my hobbies.  Cleaning out my sewing room in order to make it a room in which to actually sew has been quite the reality check.  
     The reality is that I purchase new patterns and fabric because of the current trends .  Then I feel guilty about all of the projects I have started but never finished and put off the new projects.  I tell myself I can work on them as soon as I finish the old ones.  Truth is -- that will not be happening in this lifetime.  I am going to change my whole philosophy -- determine what I am most excited to work on and make it NOW.
     How do you get rid of perfectly good fabric with no purpose in mind?  Do you donate it, give it to someone who also may not know what to do with it, or just keep it like I do?
     Well, to wrap up another loose end, here is a picture I meant to post when I lost my camera. (Still not found)  This is the pajama top I made to go with the pants during Karen's first Pyjama challenge a year ago.

I have worn these pajamas more than any other because they are soooo cool in the summer.  The fabric is lawn by Lisette.  I had to iron the top for the picture but it is a fabulous fabric.  The thin cotton makes sleeping at my parents lake house endurable.  McCalls 6249 is a simple make and I will definitely use this pattern again - soon to use up some of my stash!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My First Quilt!

     This summer is about finishing UFOs and depleting my stash enough to get into my sewing room.  It is ridiculous to think that I finally have a sewing room but can not use it because I have too much stuff.  Isn't that hoarding?
     On the bright side of this issue, I am working like mad to get in there, and I have finished something I am very excited about.
     I started this after completing two quilt tops.  I was afraid that I would have difficulty with my machine while trying to quilt, so I made a small practice quilt.  This will probably go to a grandchild if I ever have one.  I started with 12 inch nine patch blocks and cut them with the rotary cutter down and across the middle.  Then, I turned the blocks to create a new design.  It was a lot of fun.  (I also like puzzles.)
     I love the way you can see a new design each time you look at a quilt depending on the area or color of your focus. 

       I learned a lot about myself through this project.  I always knew that I liked things simple, but I am okay with the fact that the woman at the quilt store thought my choice of only two fabrics was boring.  I like to see the pattern and the quilting.  I have more color in one of my quilt tops, but I enjoy the lines in the garments I sew and the simplicity of this quilt.  My wedding dress didn't have any lace, but the cut and design was beautiful.  

     The backing has more color.  I love to turn it over and see the quilting on the back.  Can you tell how excited I am about this project?  I have decided to machine quilt one of my finished tops similarly to the way I did this one.  The other I will send out to have stippling done.  I was inspired to by Lori's Escapade quilt over at "Girls in the Garden."  What a beautiful design!
     Not all of my UFOs have been so much fun.  I just finished two large totes today that I started 18 years ago.  Luckily I still hoarded had a completed make to look at.  It is difficult enough to walk away from a project and come back to it, but after 18 years my memory gets a little fuzzy.