Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My First Quilt!

     This summer is about finishing UFOs and depleting my stash enough to get into my sewing room.  It is ridiculous to think that I finally have a sewing room but can not use it because I have too much stuff.  Isn't that hoarding?
     On the bright side of this issue, I am working like mad to get in there, and I have finished something I am very excited about.
     I started this after completing two quilt tops.  I was afraid that I would have difficulty with my machine while trying to quilt, so I made a small practice quilt.  This will probably go to a grandchild if I ever have one.  I started with 12 inch nine patch blocks and cut them with the rotary cutter down and across the middle.  Then, I turned the blocks to create a new design.  It was a lot of fun.  (I also like puzzles.)
     I love the way you can see a new design each time you look at a quilt depending on the area or color of your focus. 

       I learned a lot about myself through this project.  I always knew that I liked things simple, but I am okay with the fact that the woman at the quilt store thought my choice of only two fabrics was boring.  I like to see the pattern and the quilting.  I have more color in one of my quilt tops, but I enjoy the lines in the garments I sew and the simplicity of this quilt.  My wedding dress didn't have any lace, but the cut and design was beautiful.  

     The backing has more color.  I love to turn it over and see the quilting on the back.  Can you tell how excited I am about this project?  I have decided to machine quilt one of my finished tops similarly to the way I did this one.  The other I will send out to have stippling done.  I was inspired to by Lori's Escapade quilt over at "Girls in the Garden."  What a beautiful design!
     Not all of my UFOs have been so much fun.  I just finished two large totes today that I started 18 years ago.  Luckily I still hoarded had a completed make to look at.  It is difficult enough to walk away from a project and come back to it, but after 18 years my memory gets a little fuzzy.


  1. I think this quilt is beautiful! The pink colors are so attractive.

  2. Thanks. I don't imagine you can see the print in the picture, but it has tiny little flowers on it. I appreciate the comment.