Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Projects

Thanksgiving day was a bit lonely, yet provided some quiet sewing time.  I wasn't feeling well enough to make anything too involved, so I played with my new serger.  The 3 thread rolled hem is beautiful and finished my latest purchase perfectly.
I love wearing scarves, and this fabric gives me the boost of color I need.  I am so fair skinned, when I read to my daughter as a toddler, she would say "Mama" if she saw a picture of Snow White.  Winter and summer alike, I need color.
I went on to copy an idea I found here on Pinterest.   I recently purchased a new car!  It has a unique color scheme.  The exterior is black and the inside is a beautiful tan color called Cashmere and a brown color called Expresso. 

I love the three colors combined and wear it often in my apparel.  Wanting to keep the interior clean and like new, I made this great trash bag.
I think the next one will be shorter and I will hang it on the gear-shift.  I also want to line the very thick interface that I used inside to hold the shape.  I used an inexpensive storage bag from the dollar store to line it.  The bags come with twist-ties rather than zip to lock.  It is folded over the top of the interface which shows through with the zigzag stitching I used to seam it.  The bag is cute, but the interface bugs me.  My "OCD" will make me line it sooner or later.

I used buttons to attach the strap making it easy to attach anywhere in the car. I just love the two, cotton prints intended for quilting that I found at JoAnn's.

The entire thing was made with a 4 thread serging stitch with the exception of stiching in the ditch and the zigzag to create an overlap seam on the interface.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a cute trash bag, what a great way to keep your care clean, matches perfectly too!

  2. Love the trash bag, and that pink scarf is so cute in a plaid. Glad to have found your blog also!

  3. What a great idea! I saw something similar on Pinterest but this one is infinitely cuter!

  4. Love the fabric. I need one of these for my messy kids in my messy car.

  5. Thank you for the kind comments. It is really nice to get feedback. Don't you love the blogging world?

  6. I love that trash bag! I need to make a couple for the Tahoe so the children will quit tossing stuff in the floor.

  7. Enjoy your new car! The "trash" bag is so stylish and such a great idea! The colors in your scarf look perfect on you too!

  8. Oh, there is nothing like that "new car smell" I've heard it has even been made into a men's fragrance!
    Your new scarf looks lovely on you!

  9. This is such a great idea! I always tell myself I wont eat in my car, but then I get hungry and do it and create a mess.