Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still here just gleaning from all of you

I need to thank those of you who commented and supported me when I was going through a very difficult time.  You are all so wonderful.  I have kept up with your blogs and love the way this online community cares for one another across the miles. I am ready to blog again and hope to hear from you often. 
Thankfully, I finished my sloper class at Haberman Fabrics taught by a very wise woman.  I have decided to forgo the next class until the summer.  I haven't had time to create anything since school started and it is stressing me out.  The sloper will wait, but my new coverstitch machine is calling me!  I am so excited to experiment with some knits on this amazing machine.  I attended The American Sewing Expo with absolutely no intention of buying anything, but I sort of lost my mind.  My 1986? serger stopped working the day before the expo.  I thought I might just investigate prices a little.  Then I walked into a booth with a Babylock Evolution.  I asked some questions, and the very savvy saleswoman invited me to thread the machine.  I simply put half an inch of thread into a small hole and pressed a button.  Whoosh! It was threaded!!! The machine used an air injection system that makes threading as much fun as sewing.  Well at least until I have done it a bit.  I was immediately buying this machine.  I risked divorce, but I didn't care.  Let me tell you, I think it is worth it.  Luckily, my husband was also fascinated by the inginuity of the threading system and forgave my impulsivity.
I am looking forward to posting my first creation.  I have been practicing every stitch and setting I can.  I think I am ready to make something now that the sloper class is over.


  1. Welcome back! That babylock sounds like a dream....I have a singer that sometimes is a real pain to thread & drives me to the deep end! Looking forward to seeing your projects! :)

  2. Good for you. Sometimes those impulse moments are worth a million dollars in the effect they have on us.
    So pleased to see you back. You are very wise to take your time and do what you need to.
    Take care. xx

  3. Hoping your life gets better and better. I will be needing a new serger in the the near future. I'm thinking Babylock also. Habermans is a great place to sew, isn't it?

  4. A coworker has that same Babylock. She talks about the threading all the time! I'd love to see what you are going to do with your sloper. Although I totally understand that school takes over sometimes.