Friday, April 11, 2014

Shopping NYC

Just back from my favorite place to shop for fabric!  I have to appreciate my daughter's new home for the shopping opportunities in spite of the break in my heart.  She is happier than ever -- what more could a mom wish for?
Waiting for the bus to take us to The Brooklyn General Store
She helped me navigate the bus routes to find The Brooklyn General Store where they sell Colette patterns among many other goodies.  I highly recommend this little gem if you are ever in Brooklyn.
They sure pack a lot into this space.
I would love to have joined in on the class going on in the back, so I lingered for quite a while looking at books and listening in.  
Great selection of books bloggers love.
The staff was incredibly nice and never let on that the store had closed fifteen minutes before I left, but the class was still going on in the back.  What a contrast to the night I decided to stop shopping at JoAnn Fabrics (but that is a story for another day.)
The Colette Negroni, lace pins, and a needle threader
I controlled myself this time because I knew I would be back in June.  They have a wonderful selection of Liberty of London fabrics including fabric intended for bathing suits on the rolls hanging from the wall. How fun would that be in a Bombshell bathing suit! 
Liberty of London
One of the dress forms in the windows sported the Jasmine blouse and Ginger skirt by Colette.  The other one looked like the Ceylon dress.  I may have to make that skirt.

How funny, I just now realized that there was a huge picture of what I assume is an alpaca hanging on the wall where I spent so much time looking at notions!  I have an irrational fear of llamas and alpacas after being chased by a few as a child.  If my daughter is reading this, she is cracking up.

 Can't wait to shop here again.  

Next stop -- The Garment District!


  1. I am definitely cracking up.

  2. Looks an amazing place to go spend some time. You were very restrained in your purchases. Maybe a good thing that the alpaca pic wasnt observed while you were shopping. You have a few weeks to prepare for next seeing it.

  3. I was only restrained because I had such a long list of stores to visit and didn't want to blow the budget in the first one. I will have to keep my eyes off the picture and on the notions next time.