Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Steps

I am working out this slump by taking baby steps.  I began by making all the ladies in the family scarves for Easter.  Unfortunately, I have lost my camera!  With any luck, I will find it when I get back to my classroom.  What is a post without pictures? 
Well, since the urge to walk into the sewing room is coming back, I took another step today and made new beanbags for my class.  We will soon be doing "The Beanie Bag Dance."  A little advice for anyone making beanbags: use brown rice.  I have used beans, but the bags are a bit too hard and lumpy.  White rice will give the fabric a white powder residue.  Brown rice creates a soft bag without the residue.
I am thinking of taking a bigger step by trying my first sew-along.  Karen over at Did You Make That? is hosting the Pyjama Party Sewalong--just my speed.  I have the fabric, the pattern, and the desire again.  I just have to find the camera! 


  1. Good on you for your little steps. Hope you find your camera soon, it is so annoying when that happens isnt it.

  2. You will find your mojo. It comes and goes. One day you'll see something that knocks your socks off, and you'll scurry to your machines to make it.