Monday, April 30, 2012

Pleasant Surprises

I once walked back to my classroom from making copies and found a box full of fabrics.  What fun! It had all sorts of fabrics including a vintage cotton I felt was perfect for an apron.  It took me almost a year to find the pattern I wanted to use, but I knew when I saw it that Butterick 6567 was perfect.
The bias tape is part of the pattern.  I couldn't find the color I need in pre-made bias. I had the perfect color in my stash bringing the cost of this beautiful apron to $1.99 for the cost of the pattern.

For the longest time, I didn't know where the box of fabric came from.  Recently, I mentioned the apron and fabric to my art teacher, friend Laura.  Thunk! (That is me hitting myself in the head.)  Of course the fabric fairy was the lady who receives all of the best donations.  She was cleaning out the overflow.  Thanks Laura for one of the most pleasant surprises ever!


  1. That's a terrific apron. I love aprons. And your pj pants are cute.

  2. That is a gorgeous apron, and perfect fabric for it. I must check and see if that pattern is available in Australia.

  3. Beautiful fabric & love the bias detail!