Monday, February 17, 2014

Sewing Room Reveal

I have been anxiously anticipating the winter break this year.  My sewing room has been a black hole for too long.  Last night, I was up until 3 a.m. working.  I was having to much fun and getting really excited about having a place to sew.  Sadly, I found items I hadn't seen in years, some I don't remember buying, and others I completely forgot about.  Sleeping was out of the question.
I just dumped everything in the middle of the room as you can see in the following pictures and forced myself to follow a few rules.
1.  Everything has to have a place.
2. Sort it or toss it now. (There won't be time later.)
3.  Get rid of the craft stuff. (I barely have time to sew.)
I am sure I should have gotten rid of more than what is in the bags to go to Purple Heart, but I am pleased as punch with the results!
 Somehow I lost the before pics of the sewing room.  These pictures are sort of in between.

New curtains made and hung.  New vinyl covers fitted and made for the table tops - then covered with crap clutter!
And now -- the after pics:

Though I tried, I couldn't avoid storing several things under the work table.  Fortunately, most of it is on wheels and can be accessed easily.  
I just have too much.  It is time for stash busting.

I like the cleaner look my brother's old entertainment center provides when I close it up.

The closet is also filled with stash fabric.  My pressing tools are in and on top of the white drawers.  That is the one glitch.  I purchased a new-to-me Bernina sewing table from a seller on Craig's list for only $50.  I love it, but it leaves little room for my ironing board.  I can set it up in front of the closet,  However, the pressing tools will be hard to get to.

This table provides a lovely surface, and I find it to be great for my back.
I could replace the serger/coverstitch machine with an ironing station, but I'm going to try this arrangement out first.

 This yellow thimble waste-paper basket is one of my favorite things in the room along with my Singer "Sew Easy."  I found the first a flea market and the machine at an estate-sale.
Finally, a peg-board is fabulous for a person like me who has trouble keeping track of her tools.  My grandfather would be proud.  I plan to paint it white, but haven't decided yet whether to trace around each tool like Grandpa did or something like this lovely pic over at Wit and Delight.

The idea of tracing around each tool is only appealing because I would know immediately if something was missing.  The family may be tempted by this display, but they should know that anyone using my scissors to cut anything but fabric is taking an unimaginable risk!  

Well, you now know where to find me now.  I plan to live in this room until the weather relents.  We are getting another 5 to 6 inches tonight here in Michigan. 


  1. Congratulations! A big job well worth the effort (ask me how I know!). My space isn't as big but after a week of (periodic) sorting, tossing etc I am sewing more, albeit still not much.

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed "Stash Organisation," yet I think you are organized way beyond me. What a great system you have. I would love to have a binder full of my fabric info when I shop or visit the sewing expo. I can relate to the difficulty you are having with changes in size and fit as we age. I am also asymmetrical, making fit a bit overwhelming sometimes.

  2. Enjoy your new sewing room! It looks great! I know how much work it is to do that, great job!
    We have a 10am delayed opening today! I thought Saturday's snow would be the last one of the season here in NJ but then we got more snow overnight... snow snow snow snow snow!

    1. Hope you don't have to shovel too much. I probably would have had a snow day if we hadn't been off anyway. I thought of you when I was working on the room. Sadly, I don't have a place for a press like yours.

  3. Your sewing room looks great! Mine does too when I tidy it up...but for the life of me it never stays that way. It would only stay that way if I didn't go down their and create, so I'm fine with that!!!! I, too, need to stash bust! I'm doing pretty good so fabric purchases since April 2013! Good luck in your quest to use your stash!!!

  4. Thanks Tee! I am so happy that you left a comment, and I found your blog. You are definitely a busy woman. I applaud you for sewing for your clients and still finding enthusiasm to sew for yourself. I used to sew for a living before I was teaching, but found it exhausting to sew for myself too. You really are committed to busting your stash this year. I see that you are also taking the RTW challenge. Wow, you go girl!

  5. Your sewing room is great, a wonderful place to sew and create.

  6. I can't wait to come home and see it. <3