Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great Finds!

What an awesome day!  It started out ordinary and just got better.  Look at my garage sale finds.  Three was my lucky number.
$3.00 Lead crystal bowl
$3.00 brand new rice cooker still in the package
$3.00 brand new "The Sak" purse
$1.00  I used to have one of these when I was in high school and think I still have the pattern for the cover.  I took the staples out of the lining and washed it.  Should I refinish the handles or paint them white for the summer?
I bought this to take to my mom's house on the lake.  I have been looking for one to use to teach my nieces how to sew.  This machine was a steal!  It was $18.00 and is made of all metal parts (a requirement for me.)

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  1. What fantastic finds Anna Christina!!!! I'm amazed at what people 'give' away!!!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog '' and entering my 100 followers comp....I couldn't reply as you are set as a no reply blogger. If you want to change this, I have a button on my sidebar that links to will make it so that people can reply to your comments on their posts! Hope this helps and I have my fingers crossed for you....a very warm welcome to the world of blogging!!!!
    take care and sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)