Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Changed My Mind

I had planned to work on the orange paisley fabric with the new Vogue pattern next.  Then a phone call came that sent me into a tailspin.  I couldn't be more excited that relatives were coming to visit from New York.  However, I had to get my house in order -- a monumental task.  In the process, I found the pattern I have been looking for, for over a year now. I can now finish a Suzie Chin dress that I started two years ago.  I stopped when I became dissappointed in the result and knew I didn't have enough time to fix, finish, and find shoes before the wedding we were to attend.  This is the problem:
The pattern does not look like the picture.
The opening in the front of the bodice does not show.  The problem may have occured when I enlarged the bust slightly.  I know that the obvious answer is to make the opening larger, but it became a bit more complicated when I lost the pattern.   I am not sure about how to go about it.  I think I will make a muslin first rather than take any chances.  My thought is to make the slit which is truly only a straight line at this point into a tear drop shape.  Any suggestions?  I would love to see this dress finished on someone else.


  1. I would take the bodice apart, and recut the slit, using the pattern, and shaping the slit into a teardrop. Put it back together, and redistribute the gathers so they aren't right over the center front.

  2. Love your fabric....I have not yet sewn a dress with a front bodice like this. I think your teardrop idea will work & look forward to seeing it on you.