Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sloper Class

The search for the dress instructions is coming along slowly.  Had to pack up eleven years worth of accumulation in my classroom to move to another school.  I used 120 labels on boxes and bags in addition to some things I marked in other ways. In addition, I am taking a class to learn to make a sloper for pants.  I've got to keep up with the class and put the dress on hold. 
I get so excited about the class, I can't sleep the night before.  Then I am so tired during the class I have difficulty following the instructor.  Guess I know how my students feel. 
Just finished cutting the first muslin.  I will find out tomorrow if I have made any mistakes.  I have a very odd shape compared to the average figure and pattern, unfortunately asymmetrical.  Will try to post pictures tomorrow.

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