Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday is Great Day for Thrifting!

I started last Friday when my friend Laura asked me to go to an estate sale being taped for a TV show with someone named Carie.  We didn't get on TV (thank goodness,) but we did meet Carie.  I bought a great snow globe.  Then we hit a wonderful garage sale.  I love this kind of find!
The ruler is the best part.  I used it to mark the pintucks on my last blouse and plan to use it to create a scalloped hem skirt. I have yet to try out the mini-sewers.

Today was exciting because I found something I have been searching for a long time now.

I received this book for my wedding shower almost 26 years ago in paperback and used it religously until the pages fell out.  This one is hardcover and spiral bound.
I also found a canopener that my kindergarten students can use when we "cook."  
The next find was a steal.  Garnet and sterling silver for $9.00.  My computer is undoing everything  I do right now, so I hope you don't mind if I don't rotate.

Not only do I enjoy the sales and finds, I love using this bag I made. Again, sorry about the rotation.
It folds up to fit in your purse.
It is really quick and easy to make.  The pattern called for 1/2 inch double fold bias tape.  I made several bags and preferred the 1/4 inch double fold tape.

The handles slide right on to the bag holders at the store.

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  1. I love to find sewing doodads, but they are few and far between. I like your shopping bag.